How does the Registry work

Individuals undergoing psychedelic therapy, in whom ketamine treatment or psychedelic assisted psychotherapy (PAPTx) is proposed, will be identified when their treating doctor/team, with the person's consent, refers them to the Registry.

  1. The doctor approaches us to notify of their plan to treat someone with ketamine or PAPTx.
  2. The contact information of the person undergoing psychedelic therapy is collected from the referring doctor.
  3. The person undergoing psychedelic therapy is sent an email providing a link to an online Registry information sheet and consent form.
  4. Individuals undergoing psychedelic therapy will only be providing consent to participate in the Registry, consent in regard to the delivery of ketamine or PAPTx will be the responsibility of the treating clinicians. Engagement in ketamine treatment or PAPTx will not be dependent on consenting to participate in the Registry.
  5. Treating clinicians are emailed a link to commence the collection of participant diagnosis, illness and treatment history and planned date/s for chosen therapy.
  6. Once the participant has completed online consent, they will receive a link to commence the collection of identified Registry data.

Participants of the Registry will complete online questionnaires at multiple times including at baseline, pre and post drug administration, end of treatment, and at 3 and 12 months post treatment end. In addition, Doctors will receive email prompts to complete an end of treatment and 12 month follow up survey. Questionnaire data may be collected either by the participant being directed to a website or a custom designed app to complete the forms online. Questionnaire data gathered will include demographic information, illness and treatment history, mental health symptoms and their change or not with treatment, their experience of the novel therapy, and any side effects.