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ACT Academic Foundation Programme

The ACT Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) is an initiative designed to provide support and encouragement for six new interns interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine. It will be run exclusively at Canberra Hospital in 2019 and will offer the same clinical training as non-academic positions, however will also include tuition in areas pertinent to medical research. There will also be provision of academic mentor and support in development of a research project.

What the Programme Offers

The AFP will be conducted at Canberra Hospital and trainees will be expected to achieve core clinical competencies, as non-academic trainees, during their rotations. In addition, an academic curriculum will be covered through monthly tutorials that will be conducted during protected teaching time. Applicants will also receive academic mentorship with a clinician that will help in the design of a suitable research project.

Who Should Apply?

The aim of the programme is to provide encouragement and practical support to individuals who are interested in research and teaching to pursue their goals. Accordingly, we would strongly encourage any individual considering a future in academia to apply for this programme.

Prospective applicants will be assessed on the basis of their curriculum vitae, personal interview and letter of recommendation from a supervisor

For further information please contact Dr Jonathan Baird-Gunning or Medical Officer Support and Credentialing Unit (MOSCETU) at Canberra Hospital.