Honorary academic title

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Honorary academic title holders are valued members of the School of Medicine and Psychology who bring their expertise to enhance our education and research endeavours, and outreach to the community.

They are part of a vibrant academic and clinical community that strives to improve the health of the nation through nurturing and inspiring the next generation of doctors and researchers, within an environment that encourages collegiality and can enhance well-being and job satisfaction.

Title holders contribute to the activities of the School through teaching and tutoring; clinical skills and bedside teaching; assessment; mentoring; research activities and supervision; development and review of curriculum; and professional service on committees, and leadership – to name just a few. See the full list of activities.

In return, we provide several benefits and opportunities including:

Professional development activities

The School of Medicine and Psychology offers a supportive environment for educators. Academic title holders are provided with mentorship opportunities, can improve their teaching and assessment skills through training, and are provided with support to increase their knowledge in using technology to teach. Completion of training that is focussed on improving teaching skills can lead to an Associate Fellowship or to the Higher Education Academy. Other professional development activities include access to teaching modules run by ANU Staff Education and support from the Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching Unit which offers course design advice, multimedia production services, and training in how to use education platforms including Wattle and kuraCloud to enhance your teaching. 

Research involvement

Receive notification of research grant opportunities, collaboration opportunities and research presentation information. Become a supervisory panel member for Higher Degree Research (HDR) PhD and MPhil students. Information on the HDR supervision registration policy and the process for registration and other valuable resources are available. These include the index of HDR-relevant policies and procedures, the training materials and registration link for ANU Human Ethics, the ANU Statistical Support Network and The Biological Data Sciences Institute training.  We welcome enquiries and opportunities to involve postgraduate medical students in your research. 

Library borrowing privileges

As an honorary title holder, you are welcome to make use of the University's library resources, including access to full text journal articles that the university subscribes to.

ANU website profile and email account

A researcher profile is created for honorary academic title holders.  Use of an ANU email account is provided.


During the period of your visit you will be undertaking collaborative work with members of academic staff in SMP, College of Health and Medicine.

Any public statements made by honorary academic title holders during the period of their visit must acknowledge your status with the University and not imply any representation of your views as being those of the University. You will not have authority to speak on behalf of or represent the University unless agreed beforehand with the Head in your host area.

For the duration of your association with the University, you will be subject to the University’s policies, which may be viewed on the University’s website, particularly the Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, Intellectual Property and Academic Titles Conferral policies. As part of your Visitor and Honorary Appointment (VaHa) arrangements, the University may require you to enter into an agreement regarding intellectual property you create which is related to your appointment with the University.

Faculty members receive invitations to attend School and University meetings and events.

Honorary academic title holders are covered under ANU volunteer insurance policies, which include cover for: personal accident, public liability, professional indemnity, and employment practices. You may wish to establish whether you are covered by your home institution for workers compensation and/or investigate supplementary private insurance.


Full honorary academic (Levels A to E)

Full honorary Academic Title refers to individuals who possess and contribute significant professional expertise and experience needed to support the research or creative activity, education and service activities of the University.

Clinical Honorary academic title (Levels A to E)

Clinical honorary academic title refers to clinicians who contribute some expertise and experience to the school to support research or creative activity, education and service activities of the University.