I'm stressed

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of material thrown at you in medical school, especially when other things are going on in your life outside of university.

If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, especially in the lead up to examinations, we recommend:

 Speak to your peers

Speak to your peers. Chances are they are going through the same thing and it's possible they can provide a new perspective. Most importantly, speak to someone that you trust. 

 Speak to your year coordinator

Make an appointment with your year coordinator.  We recommend this as an important first step to take. 

 Talk to your GP

Make an appointment with your GP. If you don't have one, a list of GP's that are willing to bulk-bill ANU medical students can be found here.

 Make an appointment with a counsellor

Contact ANU counselling 

Free and confidential counselling is available on campus for all currently enrolled ANU students. Appointments are available for booking every day. There are also group programs for common issues, public seminars, and a peer support walking program.

ANU Online Mental Health Resources:

The ANU also has a range of online resources with information about topics such as exam anxiety, relationships and homesickness amongst others, which can be found here.

 Urgent support

If in need of urgent support, a wide range of community support services are available nationally throughout Australia and locally in the ACT. 

For urgent support outside of business hours (9am - 5pm), the ANU has a new crisis line service for both voice calls and texts. 

The crisis line is there to help you find immediate relief from emotional distress, and crisis line counsellors can help you to safely manage the situation you're in and help with any next steps from there.

ANU Crisis Support Line

5pm-9am weekdays, 24/7 weekends and public holidays

Phone (voice calls only): 1300 050 327

SMS Text message service:  0488 884 170

The ANU Crisis Support Line is managed by the Division of Student Life and is a SSAF funded project

More information on the ANU Crisis Support Line can be found here


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