At the School of Medicine and Psychology we are committed to providing an environment that fosters excellence and creativity in our future doctors, health professionals and medical scientists.

The integrated curriculum in the fully accredited four-year Medicinae ac Chirurgiae Doctoranda (MChD), Latin for Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, addresses four themes: Medical Sciences, Clinical Skills, Population Health, and Professionalism and Leadership. Contextual frameworks are interwoven in the above themes to provide graduates with working knowledge of social foundations of medicine, Indigenous health, rural and remote Australian health, and research.

As the School is the only medical school in the ACT it enjoys partnerships with the Canberra Hospital and Calvary Health Care providing early and regular access to clinical teaching facilities for MChD students. As part of The Australian National University, you will have access to lecturers and researchers who are experts in their fields.

The Rural Clinical School organises placements for all students to undertake experiential learning and practice in regional, rural and remote healthcare facilities. The Rural Health Stream further provides students with the opportunity for a year-long, integrated Year 3 placement in general practices and associated hospitals in rural towns. The Indigenous Health Stream provides opportunity for students to undertake a range of placements in Indigenous healthcare settings, including six week placement in the Northern Territory.

Teaching staff of the ANU medical program include ACT Health Directorate and clinical medical specialist academics from our healthcare partners, as well as leading researchers from the ANU College of Health and Medicine.


The ANU medical program undertakes to create and maintain an educational environment that encourages students to:

  • practice medicine with compassion, conscience and professional excellence
  • demonstrate knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and societies
  • understand the health problems of people in rural and remote Australia
  • extend the boundaries of medical knowledge through research and share this knowledge with patients and colleagues, locally, nationally and internationally.

The ANU medical program is supported by the Canberra Hospital (Canberra Health Services), Calvary Health Care, several regional hospitals and numerous general practices in the ACT and neighbouring regions of NSW.

Teaching staff of the medical program include leading researchers from the ANU College of Health and Medicine, ACT Health Directorate and clinical academics from our healthcare partners.