Promotion - Full title

Full Honorary Academic Title refers to individuals who possess and contribute significant professional expertise and experience needed to support the research or creative activity, education and service activities of the University.

Please read the instructions carefully, full honorary academic title promotion processes are different to those of honorary clinical titles.

Promotion applications to Full Levels B-E

Promotion applications for full academic title are through a separate annual College or University promotion round.

  1. Discuss application with academic and clinical supervisor and determine the level (Levels B-E) with them
  2. Complete the required application documentation on the ANU Academic Promotion webpage and send to the relevant ANU College secretariat.


For applications to academic promotion to full academic title Levels B-E, please notify the Medical School Director prior to submission of your application.

The support of the application by the Director of the Medical School will be by signature on the application form as well as a supportive letter to the respective committees.

The decision on promotion to full academic title Levels B-D will be made by the Dean of ANU College of Health and Medicine, advised by the Local Promotion Committee of the College of Health and Medicine.

The decision on promotion to full academic title Level E will be made by the Vice-Chancellor, advised by the University Promotion Committee.

Outlining teaching and research activities 

Be as specific as you can when outlining previous teaching and research activities.

For teaching contributions, provide details on the number of lectures/workshops you have given, information on university committee membership, involvement in curriculum or course development, review, etc.

For research contributions, provide details of funding received, presentations at conferences, invitations to conferences and other institutions, membership of committees, assessing funding applications, etc.

For details please see the Honorary Academic Title Performance and Promotion Indicators which set out the expectations required of honorary academic staff members at each level of appointment in the ANU Medical School.


Statement regarding achievements relative to opportunity

The ANU is an equal opportunity employer. It may be relevant to also prepare a statement regarding your achievements relative to opportunity.

This statement is very important if your academic contributions have been affected by caring responsibilities, chronic illness, disability, prolonged leave, fractional full time equivalent work or significant clinical/managerial loads in your roles, etc.

You should also list your type of appointment, describe how many hours you work, and how much of that is designated for academic work (teaching or research).