Link & Innovate

Sustainable healthcare is characterised by ongoing innovation. ‘Link and Innovate’ is a project which aims to encourage frugal innovation applicable to healthcare in resource poor settings. 

"Case study" challenges and ‘Health Hackathons’ in universities and other academic institutions will be used to identify low-cost solutions to common healthcare problems that can be translated to clinical practice.   

2022 Case Study in Frugal Innovation

This frugal innovation competition presented the opportunity for the brightest undergraduate students from universities across the world to compete to solve a critical issue facing medical professionals - Frugal innovation in health system surge capacity during pandemics.

The Australian National University College of Health and Medicine, provided a case study for the participating students in which students presented their ideas on frugal innovations to aid health system surge capacity.

  • Participants had an option to choose which element of health care they want to focus their frugal innovation on.
  • The elements of health care include epidemiology & health care surveillance, home-based care, health care, mental health, aged care and remote care.

The competition was held between September-October 2022.

Learn more about the case study and see the winning entries