This bubble map displays the number of visits from different countries around the world to The Link webpages. To view geographical data for the former "ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Program" please visit this link.

Formerly called the ‘ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Program’, this program was established in April 2021 during the surge of COVID-19 pandemic in India and has provided significant support for clinicians and health workers – not only in India but across Asia and Asia Pacific. The program attracted and pooled substantial networks of international health from 36+ countries.

As we transition into a post-pandemic phase, there is an opportunity to adapt this program to address health inequities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. “The Link” will leverage existing networks for strategic partnership, mentoring and capacity development to promote value-based healthcare, equity-oriented health systems, and leadership in the health sector.

The 4 limbs planned for the program are:

  1. Link and Share: global peer support program for medical students.
  2. Link and Grow: global peer support program for women health professionals with focus on diversity
  3. Link and Learn: education series focussing on healthcare in resource poor settings
  4. Link and Innovate: program to encourage frugal innovation in healthcare to address health inequity.

This initiative is led by A/Prof Dipti Talaulikar and supported by a team of advisors and volunteers from across Australia and beyond. 


  • neither the university nor the remote peer assume any responsibility for patient care by participating in the program, and that responsibility continues to reside with the treating healthcare professional in the patient's country of residence;
  • if the healthcare professional in the concerned country needs their own healthcare or mental health assistance, it can only be provided by a proper provider in their country and neither the university nor the remote peer can assume that responsibility; and
  • if the remote peer in Australia or elsewhere has health or mental health needs through participating in the program, they should contact support services in their local area / state. Some support options are linked to the Volunteer registration webpage.

This bubble map displays the number of visits from different countries around the world to the former ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Program.