“... It’s been a real honour supporting you all … I learnt so much through my session and the many others that you have conducted so far... this may turn out to be the best and richest resources internationally that future medics can access related to what we’ve learnt from COVID-19...”

- Dr Nicola Schembri, Webinar Speaker



“..Since joining the program I have had the privilege to work alongside incredibly inspiring and talented people... I am surrounded by leaders and mentors who encourage me to learn and broaden my skillset... After hosting an international webinar, I leave feeling inspired and energised... I am proud of the impact and work that the program has achieved and very excited for what’s to come...” 

- Bridget Nielson, Medical Student Volunteer


“...For me, the best part of being a volunteer in this program has been the feeling of fulfilment and empowerment... when India became the epicentre of the pandemic during the first half of 2021, the devastating second wave severely affected my family and friends back in India... not only did I feel traumatised hearing about multiple deaths or severe illnesses of loved ones, I was also distraught with the feeling of helplessness - not being able to do anything from so far away... as soon as I heard about this initiative, I immediately jumped onto the bandwagon to volunteer and support community & health professionals in India... this program has helped me find meaning and empowerment - that there's always something I can do to help even when I feel helpless... Dr Dipti has been incredibly supportive throughout the journey, and it has been an absolute pleasure to learn and grow from the wonderful team..”

- Devashi Paliwal, Medical Student Volunteer


“(webinar series) highly recommended for both healthcare workers as well as laypeople if you are interested understanding (COVID) better. Thank you for continuing with these informative and educative sessions into 2022, Dipti Talaulikar and The ANU”

- From India, on LinkedIn


“Congratulations Dipti and the amazing team of volunteers leading The Link initiative - investing in healthcare professionals with the ultimate aim of improving healthcare innovation and health outcomes globally”

- Melina Georgousakis, Franklin Women


“Excellent initiative and you have my full support Dipti”

- Sheba Nandkeolyar, CEO Multiconnexions Group