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Since early 2020, the pandemic has continuously evolved to create significant burden on global health systems. In several countries, medical students were deployed on the frontline services. This caused significant disruptions to their medical education & training, and limited opportunities to interact and seek support for safety and emotional well-being from their peers, hospital and teaching staff. In many settings, these disruptions have led to isolation, social anxiety, and emotional distress among medical students.  

The gradual transition to a post-pandemic phase presents an opportunity for reflection on recent innovations in delivering medical education during lockdowns, student experiences on the frontline, student-led initiatives in response to the pandemic, and adaptation to new coping & learning strategies. The recent advancements in virtual networking can be leveraged to create an ongoing virtual platform for medical students across the globe to regularly connect, support, engage, and create change. 

 ‘Link & Share’ hopes to bring together medical students across the globe to:  

  • connect and share their experiences and stories,  
  • engage in meaningful discussions with peers and experts,  
  • create platforms to provide peer support, and 
  • foster student-led innovative global initiatives 

This initiative is led by Dr Sutarsa Nyoman, supported by a team of medical student volunteers. and supported by a team of medical student volunteers. We welcome the participation of medical students and student bodies across the globe. To get involved, please contact us via email

Link & Share Webinar Series

Significant disruptions to the education & training of medical students during the pandemic have led to increased isolation, social anxiety, and emotional distress. 

This webinar series hopes to create a safe and interactive learning space for medical experts and students to connect and share their first-hand experiences and stories, such as:  

  • being involved on the frontline  
  • student-led innovative initiatives across the globe  
  • coping strategies to mitigate mental health issues  
  • innovations in delivering medical education during lockdowns 

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Speed Net

The pandemic seized most national and international opportunities for medical students to network with their global peers via conferences, internships, and work placements. 

Speed Net hopes to create an ongoing virtual speed networking platform for medical students to:  

  • connect with their global peers
  • engage in meaningful discussions  
  • find, share and collaborate on national and international professional opportunities. 

MedSchool Flashbacks

Online education and zoom lectures during the pandemic mean that opportunities for direct interactions between students and their medical supervisors and professors were greatly reduced. However, medical education isn’t just about learning the protocols, it’s very much about learning how to navigate a life and career in medicine. 

Through a mini-interview series, MedSchool Flashbacks hopes to:  

  • Build Resilience by sharing the impact of the pandemic on health professionals, how they coped with the challenges, and offer medical students advice on strategies to deal with the challenges of a career in medicine.  
  • Share Stories of medical professionals from their medical school to training – including regrets, mistakes, challenges and useful advice for medical students to learn & grow from. 

ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Webinar Series

An educational webinar series on COVID-related topics where experts share their clinical knowledge, experiences, innovative initiatives and ideas for managing healthcare during the pandemic.

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