Exams: Extenuating Circumstances

If unpredictable and unavoidable circumstances have affected your performance for an academic assessment item, you can apply for extenuating circumstances consideration.

The University supports coursework students where extenuating circumstances have impacted their learning experience.

If you feel your exam will or has been impacted by an extenuating circumstance you can apply for consideration of this.

The application for extenuating circumstances may result in one of the following outcomes:

  • Approved: altered assessment due date;
  • Approved: deferred examination;
  • Approved: alternative assessment;
  • Approved: modified assessment weighting;
  • Not Approved.

Applications for consideration of an impact on your assessment are handled centrally by the ANU, and the School of Medicine and Psychology has no power to grant these outcomes directly.

Please find all the information for completing an Extenuating Circumstances Application (ECA) here.

If you have submitted an ECA, please contact your year coordinator and assessment.smp@anu.edu.au to advise them of your application.


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