There is emerging evidence supporting the therapeutic value of ketamine therapy in depression and Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Treatment (PAPTx) in several disorders. Several of these treatments are now being increasingly used in clinical practice, including Psilocybin based PAPTx for depression and MDMA based PAPTx for PTSD. However, we don’t fully understand the efficacy and safety of these therapies, especially when provided more widely outside of clinical trials. Therefore, it is essential to gather systematic information on their safety and outcomes.

The Registry will allow the conduct of retrospective research studies on the safety and outcomes of these novel treatments. These future studies will involve analyses of the recorded information of individuals undergoing psychedelic therapy included in the Registry, to promote safe and effective treatment options for individuals with these conditions.

Participation in the Registry involves the collection of personal and medical information about the mental health history of individual participants and their treatment with ketamine or PAPTx.

The Registry is funded by Mind Medicine Australia.