Guideline for SMP Fast Grants Seed Funding Scheme 2023


The School of Medicine and Psychology (SMP) Fast Grants Seed Funding Scheme offers annual funding of up to $10K for early-mid career SMP researchers across any discipline, to undertake activities associated with the advancement of their research. Transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects and teams are encouraged, as is diversity of team composition and inclusion of members from across ANU and beyond.

This scheme is being funded by SMP, in recognition of the importance of nurturing early-mid career researchers (EMCRs). Senior researchers are encouraged to be members of project submissions, but the projects must be led by EMCRs.



1. This funding is available to any member of SMP with ANU affiliation.

2. Grant must be led by an ANU researcher level A-D and within 12 years of award ofPhD or clinical degree. Career disruptions will be considered so this time can beextended. Some examples of disruptions are:

  • Childbirth (for any gender of parent), up to 2 years.
  • Period of full-time employment outside of academia.
  • Period of unemployment.
  • Period of medical leave from academic employment

If you have had a career disruption that is not listed here but that you think is legitimate submit your application and the selection committee will consider all reasonable career disruptions.

3. Senior academics can be named as members of the team, but all applications mustbe led by an EMCR.

Selection criteria

Applicants need to demonstrate that the funds will be used strategically to facilitate the development of their research career, e.g. to collect pilot data for a subsequent grant application to an external grant body, industry or philanthropic engagement.

Transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged as is diversity in team composition.

Use of funds

1. The funds can be used on any reasonable expense associated with the completionof the research project, e.g. research assistance; participants’ costs; consumerengagement; materials and equipment, etc.
2. The funds are not to be used for travel, conference costs, study leave, teachingcosts, or academic visits.
3. Fund holders are required to follow the usual propriety considerations in regard tomanagement of the funds.
4. Fund holders are required to expend the funds within a 12-month period. If thefunds have not been expended within 12 months, the fund holder must submit areport to the adjudicating committee advising whether an extension is requested orthe reason for returning the funds.


Applicants will submit a maximum two A4 page proposal (see template below) in 12-point font outlining:

1. Research project plan including proposed research outputs;
2. Significance of project to the applicant’s research direction;
3. Significance of project to ANU, CHM and SMP;
4. Opportunities that this funding will enable (leveraging with industry, philanthropy, national funding, building international collaborations etc);
5. Project budget and timeline (brief).

1. One Page for references;
2. Two Page CV (for each member of the team). Please include current available funding (projects and fellowships).

Selection Process

1. The SMP Fast Grants Seed Funding is a competitive process.
2. Applicants will be considered by a subgroup of the School of Medicine andPsychology Research Committee (or equivalent). Any member on the panel with agrant being considered will need to declare a conflict of interest.
3. Applications will be considered on the basis they satisfy the selection criteria, havea budget that is properly justified and a reasonable timeline for completion. Anymatched funding would be viewed very highly.
4. The committee reserves the right not to fund applications that are deemed to be ofinsufficient merit.
5. While all applications will be considered, the priority of the SMP Fast Grants is tofund new projects with no pre-existing funding and individuals who have no otherfunding mechanisms available.


Grant holders are required to provide a brief project report to the adjudicating committee within 3 months of project completion. This report should include:
1. How the funds have been spent;
2. The benefits of the project;
3. Any specific outcomes, e, g., data gathered included in ARC grant proposal;manuscript submission; and
4. Any variation of the project and/or use of the funds from the application should bedescribed.

If successful, the SMP Fast Grants Seed Funding Scheme will provide:

1.$10,000 Research support (up to 6 grants will be provided in 2023)

  • At least one will be awarded to a project focused on Rural Health;
  • At least one will be awarded to a project on Primary Health Care.

2.Access to SMP Research Development Program (details about this initiative are shown below)

  • One-on-one consultation with experienced grant writers (research development manager and SMP Associate Directors of Research);
  • Feedback on current and future grant applications;
  • Identification of future opportunities;
  • Strategic engagement with ANU advancement, Business, Engagement and commercialisation and senior members of the ANU research community;
  • Identification of a mentor to support the project and researcher

Some unsuccessful applications which will gain access to the SMP Research Development Scheme to help foster the idea for future SMP Fast Grants Seed Funding Scheme.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Friday 1st September 2023

For further information and to submit an application please email:

SMP Research Development Program

The SMP tailored research grants development program is designed to provide support to researchers seeking support (funding, networks, capability) for their research programs. This program will include a range of services, such as one-on-one consultations with experienced grant writers (SMP Research Development Manager) and customized feedback on grant proposals.

The program will also provide:

  • access to funding databases and other resources to help researchers identify potential funding opportunities;
  • support from members of ANU and CHM Advancement;
  • support from members of Business Engagement and Commercialisation;
  • support from SMP/CHM/ANU Media;
  • mentorship from a senior member of SMP or ANU (suggested at least monthly meetings to be determined by mentor and mentee).

The SMP Research Development Program will be designed to meet the specific needs of selected researchers across SMP. The goal of the program is to support researchers in securing the funding they need to carry out their research projects successfully and connect them with leaders across the ANU who have a proven track in securing funding across the research landscape.

This program will be supported by members of the SMP Research Committee.

2023 SMP Grant Funds Template

Name of Lead Investigator:

Name of Co-Investigators:

Title of Project:


Research project plan including proposed research outputs:

  • A brief description of the research project, background, methods, hypothesisand research outcomes and outputs.


Significance of project to:

  • the applicant’s/team’s research direction;
  • the ANU, CHM and SMP;
  • generating future opportunities including leveraging with industry, philanthropy, national funding, building international collaborations etc.

Project budget and timeline (brief)

If the project should be considered for SMP research development areas including:

  • A Rural Health Project
  • A Primary Health Project


CV (each team member) – 2 Page

Please include a list of current funded projects.