Get to know...CHM Operations Team: Michael, Nari and Megan

Image (l-r): Michael Webeck, Nari Pappalardo, Megan Sawbridge

My role at the College of Health and Medicine and how I can help you....

  • Michael Webeck: I'm the Operations Manager for the College of Health and Medicine. I've been with ANU since 2019 and I provide operational, project management, facilities and maintenance, event management, procurement, and strategic space management to the College and local areas.
  • Nari Pappalardo: My role is Work Health and Safety (WHS) & Facilities Officer. I began working at ANU with the Research School of Earth Sciences in 2022. In 2023 I joined the College of Health and Medicine Operations team, maintaining our WHS obligations, delivering the WHS plan, enhancing culture and supporting facilities and operational requirements.
  • Megan Sawbridge: I'm a Work Health and Safety Consultant. I joined the College of Health and Medicine in 2019, and in February of this year I moved from JCSMR into the CHM Operations team to provide high-level WHS consultancy in partnership with the University Safety & Wellbeing team, driving cultural initiatives.
  • To contact us: We can be found at various location across the University campus and satellite sites amongst the various College locations. The best way to contact us is through or We can also be contacted though Teams.

A book or film I recommend....

  • Michael: Pan’s Labyrinth. A masterpiece by Guillermo del Toro, depicting with horror and beauty the depths, and limits, of childhood resilience. Not for the faint of heart, and not a children’s movie.
  • Nari: I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan and apart from reading the books a few times each, I still listen to the series in audio format on nights when life is just too much. Nothing like a bit of fantasy to help tune out and relax! I recommend these books to any person of any age.
  • Megan: I am a big softie at heart and love the movie Chocolat and for those of you who like a novel that is a bit confronting, Perfume: the Story of a Murderer by Patric Suskind is a story that will leave you thinking.

The most adventurous thing I've done....

  • Michael: Second place is a toss-up between bungee jumping, sky diving, riding motorbikes, and driving the whole way around Australia. But my biggest adventure is raising a family.
  • Nari: Later this year I will be taking my horse on a ride through Kosciusko National Park with a group of friends so my winter is going to be spent exposing my horse to new trails and attempting to get our fitness levels up. Wish me luck!
  • Megan: Like Michael I have a few adventures that make it hard to pick one! Bungee jumping definitely was more terrifying than I anticipated. But I started my working life as a zoo keeper which definitely came with interesting adventures from wrangling terrified bison to being very thankful for strong cages between myself and a very grumpy bear.