Calvary Hospital

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Calvary is a Catholic not-for-profit organisation operating public and private hospitals. They are a leading provider of palliative and end of life care across Australia.

The 250 bed Canberra Calvary Public Hospital is located in the suburb of Bruce and is a teaching hospital. It primarily services the health needs of North Canberra, Belconnen and Gunghalin communities and surrounding areas in the ACT and NSW.

Clinical placements  

Students are provided with comprehensive clinical training, and an enjoyable, well-rounded experience.

Calvary Hospital provides quality learning and teaching of clinical skills in a professional environment, offering expertise in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness through teaching clinics and simulation labs.

Students are provided the opportunity to practice skills on real patients but in the safety of a simulated health care setting. Through clinical teaching, students are exposed to a wide range of medical and surgical health problems with coverage of main disciplines and specialities (except paediatrics).  

Students can expect a varied case load and a unique boutique clinical experience. The approach is to immerse students within a team where they will become part of the day-to-day activities. They are encouraged to integrate into the life of the hospital and join clinical meetings, ward rounds and various outpatient clinics. There are a number of dedicated regular tutorials where students receive small group teaching.

Students also have the opportunity to be placed at the University of Canberra Hospital (UCH) which offers inpatient rehabilitation, providing specialised and dedicated care to various people in the community. 

Other information and facilities

See details about facilities available at Calvary Public Hospital, parking and transportation and a map of the grounds.