The Link Webinar Series

A series of webinars delivered by volunteer medical and health specialists as part of The Link (formerly known as ANU COVID-19 International Peer Support Program).

For more information please visit The LINK. To request support from peers in Australia, please visit the ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Program.

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No events are currently scheduled.

Past events

The Omicron Variant: Australian and Indian Perspective »

Dr Neeraj Nischal Dr Neeraj Nischal

7.30pm 9 February 2022

A Q&A session with questions posed by medical students to infectious diseases experts Associate Professor Sanjaya Senanayake and Professor Neeraj Nischal, from Australia and India respectively.

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COVID-19 and climate change: from ‘Yes, we can’ to ‘Oh no’ »

7.30pm 24 November 2021

Hear about the effects that COVID19 has had on climate change from three experts in the field.

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COVID19 and kidney disease »

7.30pm 17 November 2021

Learn how COVID19 effects the kidney.

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COVID-19: lessons learnt in the ICU »

7.30pm 10 November 2021

Learn how Australian ICUs managed COVID19

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Partnering with service users in the COVID response »

7.30pm 3 November 2021

Dr Scholz will discuss the principles of collaboration with patients, carers, and community members in healthcare decision making in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Challenges in delivering healthcare during the Covid pandemic - the Apollo Experience »

7.30pm 27 October 2021

The webinar is a case study on the delivery of world class service in a hospital setting, during a pandemic.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and COVID-19: A tale of two strains »

7.30pm 20 October 2021

This talk will cover the leadership from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the steps taken to protect communities, the challenges in the vaccine roll-out and what further needs to be done to protect the community as Australia opens up.

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COVID-19 home-based care & monitoring »

7.30pm 13 October 2021

This webinar will discuss the need for systems to be in place to monitor COVID19 patients who are recommended for home care.

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Navigating through pandemonium: Reflections on the Indian response to the pandemic »

7.30pm 6 October 2021

This webinar will discuss the successes and learnings that can help manage future waves of COVID19.

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“Should I or shouldn’t I” - Challenges of health professionals accessing help for themselves »

7.30pm 29 September 2021

This session will discuss the psychological impact of the pandemic on healthcare professionals.

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Diagnosis and characterisation of SARS – COVID-19 and variants of concern »

7.30pm 22 September 2021

The need to be agile in diagnosing COVID and its variants has led to the use of novel diagnostic approaches.

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IT & Health Tech innovations for COVID and beyond »

Raj Janapareddy

7.30pm 15 September 2021

An award winning IT healthcare product is making COVID care affordable, and available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Neonatal COVID & MIS-C in the Newborn »

7.30pm 8 September 2021

The webinar will cover the potential mechanisms for maternal transfer of SARS CoV-2 to the new-born infant.

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Physical Activity in Recovery from Covid-19 »

Olivia Reynolds Olivia Reynolds

7.30pm 1 September 2021

Olivia Reynolds, Exercise Physiologist discusses the need for health professionals to create guidance on individualised and multidisciplinary approaches to rehabilitation post COVID-19 illness.

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Paediatric COVID and Multi-system Hyper-Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) in Children

7.30pm 25 August 2021 (AEST)

The clinical modalities of presentation of pediatric SARS-CoV-2, severity of acute covid illness & multi system management continues to evolve over time. This case-based presentation will cover clinical covid management experience in the pediatric population during the 1st & 2nd wave in Hyderabad, India.

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Chest Imaging Findings in COVID-19 Pneumonitis

7.30pm 18 August 2021 (AEST)

During this presentation, Dr Schembri will share first-hand experience of diagnosing numerous UK-based COVID-19 pneumonitis cases on chest CT and will discuss the typical acute image findings, early and long-term chest complications of COVID-19 infection. She will also discuss the correlation of disease extent with...

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COVID-19 Cardiac Complications

7.30pm 11 August 2021 (AEST)

In this webinar, the presenters will review the cardiac complication of COVID-19 and their implications on management from an Australian and International perspective. This will be followed by a panel discussion, which will include cardiovascular experts from India, where they will discuss more practical issues and...

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Direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy and considerations for provision of pregnancy care

7.30pm 4 August 2021 (AEST)

COVID-19 has disrupted the provision of pregnancy care across the globe. This webinar addresses the latest evidence in this area, with a focus on direct and indirect impacts of coronavirus on pregnancy and how to adapt services to respond to the pandemic.

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The Critical Health Resource Information System – Managing ICU demand in Australia during COVID -19

7.30pm 28 July 2021 (AEST)

In 2020, the Australian Government in collaboration with the Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society and Ambulance Victoria developed a database to monitor intensive care utilisation during the COVID-19 pandemic. A/Prof Coatsworth will discuss the benefits of such a system to the Australian healtcare system.

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Children Mental health during COVID-19

7.30pm 21 July 2021 (AEST)

This presentation will discuss some of the mental health issues effecting the child and adolescent age group (0-18 years) due to COVID-19 and some guidance that may help them.

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Mucormycosis - Fungal Infections in COVID-19 Patients

7.30pm 14 July 2021 (AEST)

Mucormycosis is a clinical syndrome associated with infection by molds called mucormycetes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has come to prominence as a secondary infection, especially in India. The general epidemiology, clinical features, investigations and treatment of mucormycosis will be explored in this webinar.

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Addressing Bereavement Challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic

7.30pm 7 July 2021 (AEST)

A webinar where we will look at a range of emotions that many of us have experienced during COVID-19, such as including anxiety, traumatic stress, confusion, anger, despair, boredom, stigma and above all grief and loss, and consider ways of identifying and managing them.

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Evidence Based Covid Management - proven therapies, unproven therapies and rational prescribing

7.30pm 30 June 2021 (AEST)

This webinar will address Covid-19 treatment and provide information about evidence based care as well as a look into how and where some of the misinformation began. It will also address how clinicians can be aware of their own biases in order to provide best practice care to their patients.

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Guidance on diagnosis and management of TTS/VITT- THANZ perspective

7.30pm 23 June 2021 (AEST)

Thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome is now a well described complication of COVID vaccines. This presentation will provide an overview of the diagnostic approach with a discussion on the limitations of the tests that more commonly available. A management guidance, based on the Australian experience, will be shared

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COVID-19 vaccination in patients with blood disorders

7.30pm 16 June 2021 (AEST)

Coronavirus disease (COVID)‐19 is a respiratory disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2). Patients with blood cancer require special considerations because of impaired immunity secondary to their underlying cancer and/or secondary to treatment.

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