ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Program

ANU Medical School and College of Health & Medicine is working to bring together a group of volunteer doctors and health professionals to help global colleagues fight COVID-19 by providing peer support.

ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Program

Recurrent waves of COVID-19 continue to have a devastating impact globally and have put tremendous pressure on medical systems. Doctors and health care workers across the world are variably being stretched physically, mentally and emotionally.

The ANU College of Health & Medicine has brought together a group of 160+ volunteer doctors and health professionals to help colleagues in affected areas by providing peer support. We provide advice, guidelines, peer support and access to international senior doctors to our colleagues in areas of need.

The peer support activities that volunteers may be engaged in are varied - some examples of how we may assist health professionals are listed below.

Clinical Support

  • Provide specialist support where necessary and appropriate, for example, through
    • Intensive Care specialists,
    • Infectious diseases experts,
    • Psychologists and Psychiatrists,
    • Nephrologists,
    • Haematologists,
    • Radiologists,
    • Cardiologists,
    • Nursing specialists,
    • Physiotherapists, and other allied health experts 
  • Provide peer support to junior health care professionals 
  • Provide advice on rational evidence based treatments, and need for lab tests and CT scan as per protocol
  • Provide advice on supportive management of active and post infectious cases being managed at home
  • Provide advice on COVID vaccination

Educational Support

We conduct weekly educational webinars and welcome participation from health and medical professionals to join as attendees, panellists and speakers. 

Webinars are held weekly on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). 

Please click here for more information on upcoming webinar and for recordings of previous webinars. 

Research Support

We can provide advice and support for research activities related to COVID-19. For research support, please contact us on:

If you are a medical or health care professional, please register to seek support or volunteer using the links below.

This initiative is led by A/Prof Dipti Talaulikar and supported by a team of volunteers from across Australia and beyond.


  • neither the university nor the remote peer assume any responsibility for patient care by participating in the program, and that responsibility continues to reside with the treating healthcare professional in the patient's country of residence;
  • if the healthcare professional in the concerned country needs their own healthcare or mental health assistance, it can only be provided by a proper provider in their country and neither the university nor the remote peer can assume that responsibility; and
  • if the remote peer in Australia or elsewhere has health or mental health needs through participating in the program, they should contact support services in their local area / state. Some support options are linked to the Volunteer registration webpage.