Journal of Wound Care/World Union of Wound Healing Socieities

15 February 2021

Awarded: GOLD for 'Advances in Pressure Care' to the International Guideline Governance Group (which includes Dr Emily Haseler).

The awards are considered ‘The Olympics of Wound Care’ to celebrate excellence in practice and research internationally. Winners were announced at an online black tie event in February 2021. 

Dr Haesler is part of the group that developed the International Pressure Injury Clinical Guideline, used in 40 countries around the world. Dr Haesler has been the methodologist and Editor in Chief for the last two editions (2014 and 2019) and is currently planning for the 2024 edition.

In her role, she provides methodological advice to the Governance Group and coordinates and leads a team of around 200 experts from around the world. Read more details about the project that won the GOLD, here.