Special consideration for exams

If unpredictable and unavoidable circumstances have affected your performance for an academic assessment item, you can apply for special consideration. If your request is approved, an examiner will take your circumstances into consideration during marking.

 Excusable circumstances

Examples of circumstances that may lead to special consideration are:

  • An unexpected illness or exacerbation of an existing illness.
  • The illness/death of a family member.
  • Trauma.
  • Misadventure.
  • Being a victim of crime.

Note that an application for special consideration does not automatically mean that any changes will be made to your assessment outcome.

Special consideration is normally granted as long as you can justify the request. This is handled centrally by the ANU, and the ANU Medical School has no power to grant special consideration.

If you are granted special consideration, any possible adjustments to marks/grades will be made at the discretion of your course convenor. 

Special consideration will only allow you to sit an end of year supplementary exam should you fail the year, and amendments to assessment outcomes are rarely made. 

Note that if extenuating circumstances have meant that you were unable to attend an exam, please refer to the I need to defer an exam page. 

In order to apply for special consideration you will be required to complete the following steps:

 Contact your year coordinator

Contact your year coordinator to advise them of the reason for special consideration

 Application process 

Read through the process outlined by the ANU Special Consideration Assessment. If following discussion with your year coordinator it is mutually agreed that is in your best interest and you are eligible* to apply for special consideration assessment, then complete the online e-form on ISIS

* Each case presented needs to be strongly justified, supported by valid documentation such as medical certificates or statements of adverse events in order to be granted approval. 

 Notify the Medical Education Unit (MEU)

Contact the (MEU) via email and notify them of your special consideration application.

Email: meu.medicalschool@anu.edu.au 

 Following application approval

Once you have received formal approval by the ANU for your Specialist Consideration Assessment application, you will need to inform the MEU (meu.medicalschool@anu.edu.au) and your year coordinator.


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