I'm sick

Medical professionals get sick too.

We're all human, and even medical students get sick and need a day off from time to time. If you're unwell and need some time off,  you will need to go through the following:

 Arrange to see a GP

Go and see your GP immediately. If you don’t currently have a GP here in Canberra, here's a list of practices that bulk bill medical students .

 Notify your year coordinator 

If you have to miss any compulsory classes or you already have, email your year coordinator to let them know which classes you've missed and make sure to mention that you're sick. 

Less than 3 Days

If you're sick and need to take less than 3 consecutive days off, your year coordinator can approve your leave immediately via email (refer to the page Process for Leave for more information).

More than 3 Days

If you're sick and need to take more than 3 consecutive days off, your year coordinator will require:

  • a medical certificate
  • a completed planned leave form.
  • Note that longer than 5 consecutive days will need to be approved by the relevant Associate Dean, which your year coordinator will seek approval for on your behalf.
  • More information can be found on the Process for Leave page.

 Notify your teacher/s

Once leave is approved, you will need to email the academic lead or tutor for each of your compulsory classes, to notify them that you have approved leave for medical reasons. If suitable, your year coordinator and academic lead/tutor can be emailed in a single email together, or for sensitive issues just email your year coordinator, who will deal with the leave from there.

For phase 2 students this will usually mean contacting your clinical supervisor.

For phase 1 students this will usually mean contacting your PBL tutor, or practical coordinator, Mr. Franscisco Sanchez.

 Returning from leave

Once you have recovered from your illness and returned to class, please let your year coordinator know if you are concerned that any extended absences will have a negative impact on your studies. This may require you to apply for special consideration for exams or work with your year coordinator to determine the best action moving forward.


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