Students pass Royal College of Pathologists exam

Back row: Ry Cambourne, Alex Fisher, Cassandra Perry. Front row: Abigail de Waard, Hannah Greig, Absent: Cellina Polifrone-Occelli, Denna Fryer, Margaret Palazzo, and Riley Attard

Pathology is an area of study that is foundational for medical students, and is covered over all four years of study in the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD) program. It is a special discipline because it underpins all areas of medicine and it guides medical decision making.

Ms Cassandra Perry, a year 4 medical student said, “When I first heard about the Basic Pathological Sciences (BPS) examination at the School's medical careers evening, I thought it would be a great opportunity to deepen my understanding of pathology.”

“I have a particular interest in Anatomical Pathology, but I am also interested in specialties like Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, Immunology and Haematology.”

“My interest to improve my understanding in these different fields and potentially pursue a career in one of these pathology disciplines motivated me to sit this exam."

Ms Perry along with eight other medical students participated in the April exam and all were successful in passing.

“My interest in pathology has grown over the duration of my study. This is largely due to the high quality of pathology teaching in the MChD,” Ms Perry added.

Ms Cellina Polifrone-Occelli, a third year medical student, decided timing was right to sit the exam, understanding that the score is valid for 10-years.

“This exam will assist in my application for future specialities particularly physician training. I also have greater time freedom now than perhaps I will when I’m a junior doctor.”

“What I learned during preparation for the BPS exam will no doubt help with my MChD exams in year 3 and 4 and for clinical placements.”

“The process allowed me to gain knowledge about some rare conditions that I may encounter in a clinical environment, and I’m looking forward to potentially putting this new knowledge into practice during my placements,” Ms Polifrone-Occelli advised.

Dr Jane Dahlstrom, Professor of Pathology at the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology said, “I’m very proud of our students for taking the initiative to engage with this opportunity. It’s very impressive that they passed given this exam is at a fellowship standard.”

Congratulations to the students who participated in and passed the exam:

  • Ry Cambourne (Year 2)
  • Cellina Polifrone-Occelli (Year 3)
  • Alex Fisher (Year 4)
  • Cassandra Perry (Year 4)
  • Abigail de Waard (Year 4)
  • Hannah Greig (Year 4)
  • Denna Fryer (Year 4)
  • Margaret Palazzo (Year 4)
  • Riley Attard (Year 4)