Phillip Walker Scholarship offers valuable step in medical learning

It was his honours thesis in ultrasound that led Mr Thomas Bailey – a second year student in the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery program – to want to further his understanding about vascular pathologies, surgical interventions and imaging techniques.

When the opportunity came up to apply for the Professor Walker Medical Student Scholarship - offered through the Australian and New Zealand Society for Vascular Surgery (ANZVS) –  Mr Bailey knew the scholarship was a great fit for his interests.

“Echocardiography - ultrasound of the heart - is a key interest area of mine. It will continue to be a valuable diagnostic tool as the prevalence of obesity and cardiac problems increases in Western society. Being across innovative surgical and medical techniques is essential for managing this disease into the future.”

“The scholarship prize was attendance at the ANZVS conference in Hobart, so I did some research on the key areas of discussion and decided to apply to get exposure to different areas of medicine from highly experienced professionals,” Mr Bailey explained.

“I learned about various medical devices and surgical procedures and was able to compare open versus endovascular approaches to surgery in different patient cases.”

“The conference was also a great opportunity to network with other medical students, junior doctors and consultants from across Australia and New Zealand who share an interest in vascular surgery.”

“Learning and connecting with leading experts at this ANZVS conference was a valuable step in my career development and I’m very grateful and humbled to have been invited to attend.”

“I’ve walked away with a new appreciation for the academic, research and professional opportunities available in vascular surgery,” Mr Bailey said.