Innate curiosity leads to Year Two Pathology Prize for student

It’s been said that pathologists are like detectives - solving medical mysteries.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the study of pathology is about understanding the causes and effects of disease to be able to make a diagnosis (and solve the mystery).

Pathology is an important area of learning throughout the four year Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD) program at the Australian National University (ANU).

Mr Jordan Lo Pilato, now a third year medical student, has found the subject to be intriguing and rewarding.

His interest, dedication and understanding of the subject led to his award of the 2022 Year Two Pathology Prize, sponsored by ACT Pathology, Canberra Health Services. He is now considering if a career as a pathologist is in his future.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning how disease can arise, how we can identify disease in clinical practice with diagnostic testing and how to treat certain diseases.”

“I've always had an innate curiosity to learn new things, so when it comes to pathology and learning about the underlying pathophysiology of disease I can easily get lost and engrossed in my studies.”

He also credits his teachers for nurturing his interest.

“The teachers are extremely passionate about pathology and it shows. Their enthusiasm was infectious.”

“I whole heartedly believe that part of the reason I’ve enjoyed pathology so much is because of the dedicated and talented educators within the MChD program.”

“They deliver lectures in a detailed manner whilst placing a significant emphasis on translating theoretical knowledge to aspects of clinical practice.”

“Another very rewarding aspect of pathology is that it helps us understand what a patient is going through. By understanding how physiological aberrations can arise from organ pathology we can gain insight into how and why a patient’s symptoms may develop, and methods by which we can address their pathology.”

Jordan added, “I am extremely honoured to have received the Year Two Pathology Prize and would like to thank Professor Jane Dahlstrom and her team for making pathology an interesting component of my first two years in the MChD program.”