The effect of COVID-19 pandemic on social studying and on students use of learning resources

photo: Julia M Cameron via

This research project seeks to explore the impact of enforced isolation and on-line learning has had on medical students.  In particular, we are interested in exploring the nature of social studying and learning groups before and during COVID-19 and also students’ use of resources and any impact COVID-19 may have had on selection of resources and the reasons for selecting them.

Medical schools can incorporate this research into their decisions on when to encourage SSL among their students. It will create new knowledge about when encouraging SSL is likely to have a positive effect.

It will also be beneficial as it could impact on the dissemination of resources that students find to be more helpful and are more likely to use.

Additionally, it will allow a better understanding of the impact of remote learning on how students learn and thus, if the transition to remote learning were to happen again they could provide learning resources better tailored to students.


  • Bartlett R. (Year 1 MChD)
  • Mead B (Year 1 MChD)