Special consideration for exams

Applying for special consideration is a relatively straightforward process, and should be considered like insurance, apply for it and hope you never need it.

Special consideration is normally granted as long as you can justify the request. This is handled centrally by the ANU, and the ANU Medical School has no power to grant special consideration. Special consideration will only allow you to sit an end of year supplementary should you fail the year.

In order to apply for special consideration you will be required to complete the following steps:

  1. Contact your year coordinator to advise them of the reason for special consideration
  2. Complete the online form available through ISIS
    • Note: Strong justification for will be required is required. Providing medical certificates or statements of adverse events would increase chances of special consideration being approved
  3. Contact the MEU to notify them of your special consideration application
  4. Once approval from ANU is received, notify the MEU and your year coordinator.

For further information please contact your year coordinator.