Process for leave

From time to time events beyond our control require sometime away. This is normally not a problem and this time away can be requested to your year coordinator.

 In need of urgent help

  • Speak to someone you trust. 
  • Discuss your issues with your year coordinator.
  • Contact your local GP (if you do not have your own personal GP, here is a list of GP practices that bulk bill ANU medical students).
  • Contact an urgent support or ANU counselling. 

If you require leave, take time off accordingly as per the following flowchart: 

 Leave < 3 Days

If less than 3 consecutive days of planned leave are required, you need to notify via email as soon as possible your relevant Year Coordinator, Academic Supervisor (for year 4 and pilot year 3 students), Clinical Supervisor, or education support staff.

Education support staff can include but is not limited to your:

It is recommended that students contact both their year coordinator AND their relevant academic lead (phase 2) or Education support staff (Phase 1). 

 Leave > 3 Days

If more than 3 consecutive days of planned leave are required, your year coordinator will require completion of a planned leave form.

If more than 5 consecutive days of planned leave are required, you will need to inform your year coordinator and email a completed planned leave form to your respective Associate Dean (Phase 1 or Phase 2), with a copy sent to the Deputy Director of the Medical School:

 Application for planned leave approval process

  • Submit all supporting documentation together with completed application form.
  • Provide details regarding cover for missing teaching as discussed with your year coordinator or block chair, where applicable.
  • Your year coordinator will apply for approval on your behalf. 

Once leave is approved, you will need to notify your academic lead, compulsory class tutor and/or block chair via email (a joint email copying in all relevant supervisors will suffice).

NOTE: In the case of sensitive matters, you may prefer to send separate emails.