Medical School MChD Student Support Staff

No reason is too big or too small to not involve your year coordinator should you feel the need to do so. We are here to help and can draw on the collective experience of each other to help you navigate life in medical school. For any issues that you require some support, please contact you relevant year coordinator from the list below.

Year Coordinators

Phase 2 Medical Advisors

Medical advisors are doctors who are able to provide assistance and advice about issues specific to medicine that are impacting on your mental wellbeing. These issues can include but are not limited to:

  • Dealing with disease and death.
  • Managing compassion fatigue.
  • Dealing with the stresses that can come from working within a clinical environment.
  • Note:
    • Medical advisors will not provide help for academic issues, these should be referred to your year Coordinator.
    • Medical advisors will not become long-term therapists and should refer students on to either a General Practitioner, Student Counselling Services or the Student Health Service.

Please feel free to contact these Medical Student Advisors:


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