I'm stressed

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of material thrown at you in medical school, especially when other things are going on in your life outside of university.

If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, especially in the lead up to examinations, we recommend:

  1. Speaking to your peers. Chances they are going through the same thing
  2. Make an appointment with your year coordinator.  We recommend this as an important first step to make
  3. Make an appointment with your GP
  4. Contact ANU counselling

Everyone will have different ways of dealing with stress, and so what works for one person may not work for you. However, this link (here) provides tips and tricks that have come from past ANU medical students about what has worked for them when they’re stressed or are dealing with issues related to medical school and life outside it. We recommend using these tips and tricks only as a way to back up the support given to you by your year coordinator or GP.