Prevention, Evaluation and Policy Projects

photo by Pixabay on Pexels population health, research, doctor of medicine and surgery, phase 2, Peter Tait, PEPP

The Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Phase 2, Population Health Evaluation and Policy Projects (PEPP) course has led to many research projects with real world impact. Dr Peter Tait, Clinical Senior Lecturer who teaches and supervises students in this course, has led the following research outputs: 

The health impacts of waste incineration: a systematic review received a certificate of achievement from Wiley publications for being one of the top 10 downloaded articles in the 2 years after publication with journalists and community groups reporting on or concerned about waste incineration based on the article. The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) has also used the article as the basis for a policy position statement on waste incineration.

The power of public health officers to curb greenhouse gas emissions has informed discussions within the PHAA and public health medical officers following a conference presentation at the 2019 Australian Public Health Conference.

Characterising Australia’s waste profile: the impact on planetary health and adequacy of existing policies led to a conference presentation at the 2020 Australian Public Health Conference and a PHAA Policy Position Background.

Strengthening Australia’s Chemical Regulation is the basis for another policy position statement to guide advocacy on strengthening chemical regulation in Australia. It has been submitted as an abstract to be included in the 2022 Australian Public Health Conference.