To support our research

The Mother and Child 2020 (MC2020) study, through its questionaries, will provide important answers on the impact of crises such as bushfires and pandemics on the health and wellbeing of mums and their babies.

With additional funding, however, we will be able to achieve so much more from this research, such as:

  • Conduct more in-depth analysis of the 2020 experiences of individual and specific groups of women (e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and refugee women).
  • Increase opportunities for women, as well as their families, communities and health care professionals, to tell their stories.
  • Perform more detailed analyses on the physical and mental health impact of bushfires and COVID-19 on mothers and babies.
  • Follow-up of mothers and babies beyond the first year of this study to better understand the long-term impacts.

Your contribution to the ANU Medical School Innovation Fund will immediately be directed to the Mother & Child 2020 project.