Contact us

If you would like to speak to someone about the study leave a message at 02 5124 2549 and the team will call you back.

If you are taking the study online an email containing your personalised link to take the first questionnaire will be sent to you very soon after registration. Your links for the other questionnaires will be automatically emailed to you according to the schedule described in the patient information sheet. If this doesn’t happen, please check your junk email folder and then contact

To obtain a paper based version of the questionnaire you can call 02 5124 2549 or send an email to with your name and full postal address or send a text message with these details and PAPER MC2020 to 0421268459 (please note this is a text only number). The questionnaires will be posted to you at no charge.

If you are an ANU student interested in this kind of research, please email Professor Christopher Nolan. If you are a UC student, please contact Professor Deborah Davis.