The Endo Project - Artists and Scientists Respond

Artists (l-r): Lena (France), J.Coldrey (United Kingdom) Artist (l-r): J. Quinn (Australia), M.Caldone (Australia), J.Pratt (Australia) Artists (l-r): J.Coldrey (United Kingdom), A.Molendijk (Germany) Artists (l-r): Jay Ann (Australia), M. VanVolsem (France) Artists (l-r): Riviére (France), J.Campbell (Australia) Artists (l-r): M.Parker (Australia), S.Ilschner (Australia)

Twenty people have undertaken a unique journey to create a very special communication about living with endometriosis. Half of them live in Australia or France with endometriosis. We called their works “Primers”. The other half, professional and well-known artists, came virtually together from several countries and made a “Response” work to one of the Primers, or even more than one. A few women out of both groups have endometriosis as well as a career in art, and some participants work in health related professions.

This endeavour has been very unusual and challenging for both, women with endometriosis and for the artists, to be confronted with scary memories, working outside normal routines, letting a response grow in a non-verbal space. The works within a Primer/Response group relate closely to each other, in terms of artistic expression led by the emotional content, as well as the visualisation of the disease in many different facets. Emotions, as a pre-rational state, creative manifestation of inchoate knowledge, personal history and cultural influences formed a complex visual conversation, connecting people across the world.

We are interested in keeping the project developing. More works, for example response works from clinicians and researchers, discussion with visual neuroscientists and psychologists, people interested in communication and sociology, or science philosophers etc are invited, and the project could be extended to other diseases and conditions, e.g. multiple sclerosis.

The art works in the carousel above are examples of some of the work that has been produced. A video of performance art pieces produced as part of the project can be found here.

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