COVID-19 General Practice Clinicians: 5 Minute Survey

Cartoon of  COVID19 virus spore with person looking through binoculars for answers

Most of Australian healthcare occurs in the community, through general practice; but little is known about how general practice has responded to COVID-19. We are using a series of surveys to explore the impact of COVID-19 and related issues in general practice over time. In the latest survey, we are asking about how general practice might engage with plans to deliver COVID-19 care in the community. Please complete the survey here

Our last survey asked about GP awareness of and involvement with planning COVID-19 community care. Most respondents had not been informed or consulted about plans for COVID-19 to be managed in the community and expressed frustration at poor communication and engagement from Government and local health services. A summary of results is available here.

Our survey is targeted at General Practitioners and Practice Nurses. The survey started fortnightly, but has dropped in frequency to every few months to account for change in COVID-19 context in Australia.

By participating in this survey, you are helping us understand how COVID-19 and related stressors are impacting patients outside of hospital settings, and how the impact might change over time as the public health emergency unfolds. This information can be used by the Australian Department of Health and other agencies to shape policy and better plan for primary care.

Please read the participant information sheet before taking the survey. If you have any further questions you can contact the study team via email.

Thank you for your contribution to this important research.