Professor Narci Teoh

Senior Staff Specialist, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Canberra Health Services
Honorary Professor, ANU School of Medicine and Psychology

Narci Teoh is a Professor at the Australian National University Medical School, Senior Staff Specialist in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at The Canberra Hospital, who is also engaged in part-time private practice at GastrotrACT Gastroenterological Services, Brindabella and Mugga Warra Endoscopy Centres in Garran, Canberra.

Her clinical interests in gastroenterology include coeliac disease, as well as digestive tract cancers especially in the prevention, screening and management of cancers that arise in the large bowel and liver. She also has expertise in the care and treatment of patients living with hepatitis B, fatty liver disease and is committed to patient education and advocacy in these areas.


  • Gastroenterology

Research interests

1. Liver carcinogenesis: role of DNA repair in hepatocellular carcinoma development

2. Liver ischaemia reperfusion injury (IRI): mechanisms and novel hepatoprotective strategies against IRI

3. Obesity-related liver disease: microvascular dysfunction and predisposition to liver cancer

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