Emeritus Professor Jill (Amanda) Barnard

Emeritus Professor, ANU School of Medicine and Psychology

Professor Amanda Barnard was Associate Dean, Rural and Indigenous Health and Head of the ANU School of Medicine Rural Clinical School from 2005- June 2018 and June 2020- April 2023. Amanda has practiced as a General Practitioner in both rural and urban areas, and currently continues her clinical work in Braidwood, a small town in NSW.

She has a long term interest in asthma and respiratory disease in primary care, being a foundation member of the General Practitioners in Asthma Group of the National Asthma Council Australia. She has written and researched in the area, and is currently a member of the National Monitoring of Asthma and Other Chronic Respiratory Conditions Advisory Group and the General Practice Advisory Group of the Lung Foundation Australia. An awarded teacher and educator, Amanda serves on a number of state and national bodies with education, training, rural workforce and health system briefs, and tries to bring a rigorous primary care perspective to her work on them.

Professor Barnard was the interim Head of School for the Charles Sturt University and Western University Joint Program in Medicine in 2018.



  • General Practice

Research interests


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