Mr Oleksandr (Oleks) Demianenko

Advanced Diploma of Business Management, Bachelor of Arts (Geography and Practical Psychology)
Clinical Education Coordinator Year 3 and 4, ANU Medical School

Oleksandr holds two degrees from leading universities in Ukraine: Advanced Diploma of Business Management and Bachelor of Arts (Geography and Practical Psychology).

Oleksandr began his ANU journey in 2018 while working at the College Education Innovation Support Team (CEIST) at the ANU College of Law where he was involved in implementing technology-enhanced learning and supporting innovative pedagogic practice. In 2019, Oleksandr provided education support to the Academic Unit of Paediatrics and Integrated Child and Community Health (ICCH) term.

Since January 2020, Oleksandr has worked as a Clinical Education Coordinator at the Canberra Hospital campus, mainly managing clinical placements, academic supervision program, and teaching for the MChD Year 3 and 4 students. Key activities for Oleksandr's role are ensuring students' wellbeing and their progress while undergoing the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD) program. To support this work, Oleksandr participated in the ANU Wellbeing Project and is an Accredited Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. 

Oleksandr is a mentor as part of the Professional Staff Mentoring Program which offers participants the opportunity to receive support from experienced senior staff to increase their skills and confidence, build networks and more effectively navigate their career goals at ANU.

In 2022, Oleksandr was elected to the ANU Academic Board for a period of 2 years.

Oleksandr's current role responsibilities include:

  • Year 3 clinical placements coordination:
    • Internal medicine
    • Surgery
    • Paediatrics
    • Urban GP
  • Year 4 clinical placements coordination:
    • Acute Care
    • Women's Health and Newborn Care
    • Senior Medicine and Surgery
    • Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine
    • Pre-internship (PrINT) placements
  • Other responsibilities for Phase 2 of the MChD:
    • Formal teaching coordination
    • MChD academic supervision support (2-year program)
    • Wattle sites content updates