Ms Lori J Delaney

Master of International Health Management, Master of Nursing, Post Graduate Diploma in Critical Care, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Bachelor of Nursing
PhD Scholar, ANU School of Medicine and Psychology

Lori is a critical care nurse with clinical expertise in intensive care nursing. She has a clinical and research interest in the implementation of advanced technology to support clinical care. Her current doctorial research involves the monitoring of sleep in intensive care and its impact on patient recovery.

Research interests

  • Sleep in intensive care and on discharge from intensive care
  • Simulation in health student’s education
  • Augmented/virtual reality in nursing education

Sleep is widely acknowledged as being important for optimal physical and psychological performance and well-being. Patients cared for in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are vulnerable to sleep disturbance, the aetiology of which has been attributed to a range of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Clinical reviews discuss the inordinate psycho-physiological implications of sleep deprivation which range from sub-optimal immune and altered hypothalamus-pituitary-axis responses, combined with cardiac and respiratory effects. The profound neurocognitive consequences of sleep deprivation experienced by Intensive Care patients range from confusion to fulminant delirium, which can persist post discharge from ICU, and has been linked to a permanent decline in working memory. My doctorial study explores the potential application of motion accelerometers in monitoring sleep within ICU and what factors contribute to the sleep disturbance experienced by patients.


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Lori is involved in the education of undergraduate nurses within the Bachelor of Nursing at Queensland University of Technology. Her teaching role is inclusive of acute care nursing and developing the clinical skills of undergraduate nurses.