Associate Professor Rafat Hussain

Associate Professor, Population Health
Discipline Chair, Population Health

Dr Rafat Hussain is a public health physician with qualifications in medicine, public health and epidemiology. Currently Dr Hussain is working as an Associate Professor in Population Health at the Australian National University (ANU), with joint affiliation across the ANU Medical School & Research School of Population Health (Centre for Research in Ageing, Health, and Wellbeing). She is an Associate Investigator with the Centre for Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR). A/Prof Hussain has received several major research nationally-competitive research grants including a current 4-year grant on Disabilities & Ageing funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC). She also has an ongoing long-term collaboration on several projects on disabilities and ageing with her colleagues at various academic institutions in Western Australia. This has led to several research grants and highly cited publications.

A/Prof Hussain has published extensively in high quality international journals with over 90 refereed journal papers and presentations at over 75 research conferences and symposia. Many of her research publications are widely cited with 3,500 citations of her published scholarly work. She has been on the scientific committee for several national & international conferences & symposia and is a reviewer for a number of international journals on health and ageing.


  • Population Health
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