Dr Stewart Sutherland

Senior Lecturer and Chair Indigenous Health Framework, ANU School of Medicine and Psychology
Associate Dean First Nations ANU College of Health & Medicine

Dr Stewart Sutherland was born and raised in Wellington NSW the heart of Wiradjuri country. For over a decade he has worked in Indigenous health, in more recent years focusing on identity and mental health particularly Social and Emotional Wellbeing of the Stolen Generations (people forcibly removed from their families). Stewart has just finished his PHD, at the Australian National University Canberra, the focus of which was the interplay between reconciliation (apology) and the social emotional wellbeing of people forcibly removed from their families.


Research interests

Education, Social and Emotional Wellbeing; Cultural Identity; Trauma; Forced Removal, Cultural Transference, Cultural Knowledge Systems, Food Traditions and Security, Indigenous Health and Reconciliation.

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