Professor Kirsty Douglas

Director, Academic Unit of General Practice, ACT Health
Professor - General Practice, ANU Medical School
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Kirsty is Professor of General Practice at the ANU Medical School and Director of the Academic Unit of General Practice at ACT Health. In addition she is currently President of the Australasian Association of Academic Primary Care.

Kirsty completed her initial medical training at the University of Adelaide and then undertook doctoral studies at Oxford, prior to returning to Australia in 1993. Kirsty completed her GP specialist training in Canberra and has happily remained here ever since with her husband and 4 kids.

Kirsty has spent 22 years working in clinical general practice in the ACT, including 12 years in private practice in Yarralumla also 8 years working as a senior doctor at Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service, and 3 years at Interchange General Practice.  She has worked as an after-hours locum GP in Canberra and as a GP locum in remote WA. This range of experience has given her a deep understanding of how the health system operates at the coalface which has informed her research and management agendas.

Kirsty’s academic roles have spanned the University of Sydney, the Australian National University Medical School and the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute. Her early academic career had a very strong focus on medical education and curriculum development and she was instrumental in helping to establish the ANU Rural Clinical School. Over the last decade she has spent two significant periods in the ANU medical school and has spent time as Associate Dean for Rural and Community, Associate Dean of Medical Education and Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning (Phase 2). She has always maintained her clinical practice and has been an active supervisor in the regional GP registrar training program.

In 2008 Kirsty became the Acting Director at the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI). During her 10 months as Acting Director the Institute funded 7 streams of research worth over $2.8 million and underwent a major independent review prior to negotiation of a new funding contract. Kirsty took an opportunity to return to active research in 2009 as a research fellow at APHCRI and she was involved in health services research with a focus on workforce, chronic disease management in general practice and translation of research evidence into policy and practice. Kirsty developed a strong interest in the role of spatial-analysis and mapping in primary health care research and led APHCRI’s development work on GRAPHIC.

Kirsty President of the Australasian Association of Primary Care (AAAPC), sits on the ANU Medical School Executive Committee, Capital Health Network GP Advisory Group, ACT Health representative - GP Synergy Murrumbidgee and ACT Advisory Council, ACT Research Strategy Committee. Kirsty is passionate about general practice and the role of primary care in high quality equitable and sustainable health care systems.


  • General Practice

Research interests

  • Primary Health Care
  • Public Health And Health Services
  • Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health
  • Health And Community Services
  • Family Care

Peer reviewed grants last 5 years

$58,000 Canberra Hospital Private Practice Fund 2015. Enhancing quality and safety through guidelines in chronic disease management. Kirsty Douglas, Christine Phillips, Sally Hall,

$49,980. Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute Foundation Grant Cat A funding. 2014. An implementation pilot study of “The Change Program” a GP delivered weight loss program for adults in primary care.  Elizabeth Sturgiss, Kirsty Douglas, Sonia Res, Duncan McKinnon

$50,000. Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute Foundation Grant Cat A funding. 2014. Experiencing integration; a pilot study of consumer and provider experiences of integrated primary health care. Michelle Bamfield, Paresh Dawda, Darlene Cox, Ian McCrae, Kirsty Douglas.

$150,000.  Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute Cat A funding 2014. Integration in Primary Health Care: Organisational Process or Patient Outcome or Both? Lessons from the first generation of integrated primary health care centres.  Kirsty Douglas, Sally Hall, Christine Phillips  Marianne Bookallil.

$19,893.  RACGP/Independent Practitioner Network Pty Ltd (IPN) Research Grant. 2013. Treating adult obesity in general practice: – developing a weight management strategy for general practitioners. Elizabeth Sturgess, Kirsty Douglas Alexander Stevenson.

$387,140.  NHMRC 2011 Partnership Project. Application no 1036858 Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations – CIA Louisa Jorm, KA Douglas CIE.

Recent publications

  • People-centred integration in a refugee primary care service: a complex adaptive systems perspective. Phillips C, Hall S. Elmitt N, Bookallil M, Douglas K. Journal of Integrated Care Manuscript 2017 Vol. 25 Issue: 1, pp.26-38, 
  • Feasibility and acceptability of a general practitioner delivered weight management program. Sturgiss E, Elmitt N, Haesler E, Van Weel C, Douglas K. Family practice 2017; 34(1): 43-8
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Current Research Supervision

Chair of the PhD panel for

Ms Sally Hall – Developing an ecological theory of variation in health care

Dr Elizabeth Sturgiss – GP led Management of Obesity

Dr Penny Burns – GP and the health consequences of Disasters

Ms Phillipa Dossetor – Health Service Use and Needs of Children in the Remote Fitzroy Valley

Academic Registrar Supervision

Dr Stephen Martin – Nutrition education in a post graduate medical curriculum

Dr Kathleen O’Brien – Physical activity and Strengths and Difficulties – a retropective analysis of the Kindergarten Health Screen data

Dr Niral Shah – Teaching medical students and GP Supervisors Clinical Audit.