Dr Colin Tso

AMO Cardiologist, Sydney Adventist Hospital
CT Heart Clinic, Sydney
Clinical Senior Lecturer, ANU Medical School

Dr Colin Tso is a highly trained cardiologist often commended for the care he shows to his patients and his detailed approach in diagnosis. The patience and thoroughness shown by Dr Tso in managing complex cases are appreciated by many GPs and patients.​

A registered and experienced CT coronary angiography specialist, Dr Tso has obtained the highest credentialing in cardiac CT (Level B) in Australia.

Dr Tso is a graduate of Sydney University, completing his cardiology training at Westmead Hospital and receiving his PhD from the University of Sydney in the study of vascular injury and endothelium turnover. Dr Tso has extensive experience in basic vascular biology research - including in-stent re-stenosis and coronary atherosclerosis.  ​

He was a post-doctoral research fellow at the Health Science and Technology Division, jointly operated by Harvard University, Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

Upon returning to Sydney, Dr Tso performed pioneering work at the Heart Research Institute studying the contribution of endothelial progenitor and blood monocytes to endothelial turnover and atherosclerosis. His work is highly cited and led to his Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Cardiologists' Young Achiever Award for Excellence in 2006.


  • Cardiology

Research interests

Dr Tso’s current research interests include quantitating subclinical coronary atherosclerosis using cardiac CT and lipid management.