Our Health in Our Hands Launch

2 October 2018

Last week saw the launch of the multidisciplinary research project  “Our Health in Our Hands” by the winning team of last year’s Grand Challenge.

This project aims to revolutionise personalised medicine through wearable sensor technologies with genomics, tailored to individual need, irrespective of geographical location or social circumstances, to ensure that healthcare can be provided equally and effectively. There are 50 members in the team, including seven from the Medical School; Christine Phillips, Chris Nolan, Christian Lueck, Corinne Carle, Denisse Leyton, Matthew Cook, and Richard Callaghan.

The Provost, Professor Mike Calford and Deputy Director-General ACT Health, Ms Leonie McGregor officially launched the project, worth $10 million over five years.

This project is a wonderful example of how the medical school is uniquely positioned at the ANU to collaborate with a multitude of schools and have meaningful impact.