A new approach to understanding and improving human health

2 December 2022

Our experience through life is defined by the capabilities and potential of our mind and body. Appreciating the interdependence and inter-relationship of both is essential to understanding and improving human health.

That is why ANU is leading the way as the first University in Australia - and one of the first in the world - to integrate the schools of Medicine and Psychology. We are dissolving the artificial boundaries between these disciplines and focusing on leading the development of new health solutions through interdisciplinary research, education and practice.

By fully integrating the disciplines of medicine and psychology we aim to unlock understanding of the mind and body, develop impactful therapeutic innovations, solve national and international health problems and lead social changes to improve wellbeing.

To do this we integrate perspectives, knowledge and techniques across medicine, psychology and related fields. We develop excellent, adaptable, resilient and innovative doctors, psychologists and health care leaders of the future who will work in partnership with their patients and colleagues to provide optimal care for individuals while strengthening the system and society they work in. We partner with discovery and population researchers, government, diverse organisations and communities and conduct collaborative, courageous translational research.

The School of Medicine and Psychology launched 1 January 2023.  Work is underway to create a digital presence for the new School.

The Executive Committee (2023) for the School is:

  • Professor Paul Fitzgerald (Chair)               
  • Professor Bruce Christensen                      
  • Associate Professor Alexandra Webb     
  • Professor Elizabeth Rieger                           
  • Professor Christopher Nolan                      
  • Associate Professor Riccardo Natoli         
  • Dr Lillian Smyth                                                
  • Associate Professor Anna Olsen                
  • Associate Professor Louise Stone             
  • Associate Professor Michael Hughes       
  • Professor Jane Dahlstrom                            
  • Professor Amanda Barnard                         
  • Professor Kirsty Douglas                               
  • Mr Zachary Ong