Medical student, Hillary Dinning's photo diary

Hillary Dinning
28 June 2018

Hi there! My name is Hillary and I’m a third-year medical student at ANU. I moved to Canberra from Adelaide three years ago to commence my degree. I’m currently on a year-long rural placement on the beautiful NSW South Coast and I’m absolutely loving it!

When I’m not seeing patients in GP or assisting in surgery, you’ll find me playing hockey, strolling the beaches or keeping up my reputation as a good luck charm in the local Emergency Department. My other passion is the constant pursuit of the perfect scenic photo, and the South Coast has absolutely no shortage of opportunities.

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Most of the photos in this blog are places that I visit or drive past everyday during my medical placement or from my time on campus in Canberra. I carry my camera and three lenses in my handbag everywhere I go, just in case there's a photo op. I’m always waiting for the golden hour or for the fog to settle in the right place, for that stunning sunset or the perfect surf conditions, for those autumn colours or the most spectacular thunderstorm. Sometimes I get lucky but mostly I’m just patient and persistent.