Science in the Pub: Health & Medical

It could be icky, it could be confronting, and it will certainly be fascinating and fun.

Medical researchers from ANU, Canberra Hospital and University of Canberra present the latest advances in their research, from gene therapy to unborn babies to neuroscience.

Your MC, Dr Phil Dooley of Phil Up On Science will weave you through eight short presentations in the relaxed atmosphere of Smiths Alternative. Grab a drink and a snack and prepare to be amazed!

This event is - FREE - thanks to Science Week, ANU Medical School and more - get there early, it WILL pack out!

This even is possible thanks to a partnership between Phil Up On Science and ANU Medical School and is supported by National Science Week and Smiths Alternative Bookshop.

It is the culmination of a series of three events, Sustainability in the Pub and Physics.

The Lineup

Professor Michael Peek

Studies the health of fetuses during pregnancy. Turns out exposure to the father is a factor... positive or negative, though?

Kiara Bruggeman

Kiara Bruggerman is going all Dr Seuss on us, about her research into drugs in the brain. She won the FameLab people’s choice in Perth: Kiara was a star, afar, in a tiara! (…don’t worry she’ll do better than that)

Dr Peter Tait

GP Peter Tait has a plan to make you better, not with drugs, but by fixing government, urban design, in fact the whole planet!

Dr Vini Gautam

Move over chemical drugs – Vini Gautam is using nanotechnology to re-wire the brain.

Phil Dooley

Phil Dooley has discovered the human body is an extraordinary physics device – it’s all about art and music!

Thomas Faunce

Thomas Faunce wants a revolution in healthcare – at a global scale!