Public Seminar Yalbilinya-gu Yalmambirra-gu 'to learn to teach'

My teaching philosophy has evolved over many years of working with community, state and federal governments and of course teaching at trade and university levels. As I reflect on beliefs regarding teaching within a university, I find that my most important lessons come from my mother and my first employer. I combine these with more formal behavioural and educational theories such as participatory learning and student engagement, and derive a wholistic position on teaching.

In this seminar, I shall first speak about the importance of Tradition foods and the learnings they may contain, moving to my philosophy on teaching and the importance of imparting knowledge.

Reclaiming Indigenous Traditional Food and knowledges (RIFT):

Food practices are a conduit for the passing on of culture, living and social skills, and language acquisition.

Indigenous identity is inherent with the land and is shared with us through traditional food activities. The loss of traditional food practices, the sharing of culture and lore, along with other life skills, has left Indigenous communities with poor Social and Emotional Wellbeing, higher rates of obesity and diabetes, and other health issues. This unyielding fact has led to a project which builds on previous work with communities in traditional food. The project will continue building upon the relationship to the land and actively seeks to support Social and Emotional Wellbeing along with other health benefits

Teaching Philosophy - Educational achievement is important, however this is not limited to the classroom.