Physical Activity in Recovery from Covid-19

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Although COVID-19 predominantly affects the respiratory system, evidence indicates multisystem disease where symptoms can range from mild to severe, at times resulting in death. The long-term impacts of COVID-19 are unknown, but many COVID-19 survivors can develop psychological, physical and cognitive impairments. 

There is a clear need for guidance on individualised and multidisciplinary approaches to rehabilitation post COVID-19 illness. The health benefits of being physically active are now well established and we, as informed health professionals, have an integral role to play in promoting and facilitating this within our communities during this time. Please join me in considering such an approach whilst refreshing our knowledge of the benefits of physical activity post-illness.

Olivia Reynolds
Olivia Reynolds

About the speakers

Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise & Sports Science Australia since 2009, Olivia Reynolds has spent the last ten years working within the Personal Injury sphere assisting individual’s rehabilitating from work-related injuries and illnesses. More recently Olivia has supported NSW Health and QBE in providing supervised exercise programs for health professionals recovering from COVID-19. With her extensive knowledge and experience in exercise prescription for many acute and chronic conditions, and through regular collaboration within multidisciplinary teams for the holistic treatment of such conditions, Olivia and her peers at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation continue to share their expertise with all individuals boosting community health and individual quality of life nationwide here in Australia.