Canberra Critical Care Research Showcase

13 September 2018

The ACT Critical Care Society is excited to announce the return of the Research Showcase, brought to you by generous sponsorship from David and Elizabeth Cusack and family.

At the Research Showcase you'll be able to learn about a range of excellent recent research and quality improvement projects.

ANU Medical School Research

The Cusack Family wished to support ANU Medical School research into the critical care of patients at the Canberra Hospital. The research is focused on providing better outcomes for patients in acute hospital settings. 

Many families describe an experience of confusion, exclusion and loss of control when they have a loved one in a critical care situation in hospital. ANU research aims to improve the experience of patients and their families in this setting, particularly those patients who are deteriorating. The aim of the research is to design a better process to improve end-of-life care that will act as a guide for clinicians, in order to ensure patients at the Canberra Hospital receive the care they deserve and the experience of family members is less traumatic.

The research is led by, and builds on the work of, Professor Imogen Mitchell, Dean of ANU Medical School & Senior Staff Specialist in Intensive Care at the Canberra Hospital. As the Senior Medical Advisor in End-of-Life Care at the Australian Commission of Quality & Safety in Health Care, Professor Mitchell is uniquely placed to translate research findings into meaningful bedside changes. Professor Mitchell’s research focuses on the experience of families in these situations to drive a new process and find better ways to manage interventions. It is hoped the new process will act as a template for carers and healthcare professionals in the ACT.



Partners & sponsors


Time Session
Welcome & Acknowledgements Opening Remarks
Dr Bernie Bissett, Professor Ross Hannan
Fluid resuscitation – pointless or harmful?
Dr Liam Byrne
Cognitive and psychosocial assessment after mechanical ventilation and experience of delirium: results of the CAPA study
Danielle Bulic
Talk a walk on the wild side: mobilising ICU patients on vasoactive infusions: an observational study
Anneke Rebel
Healthcare burden in intensive care survivors
Dr Sumeet Rai
Lessons learned from a rapid implementation of a ventilator-associated pneumonia prevention bundle
Elyse Ladbrook
Understanding and responding to the grief of the treating team in the context of the potential for organ donation
Sean Dicks
Dr Bek Ogilvie
Walking for the weekend: is there a weekend effect for mobilisation practice in ICU?
Vince Marzano
Restorative practice in health care
Dr Holly Northam
Utility of multi-drug resistant prediction tools to correctly identify ICU patients with hospital-acquired and ventilator-associated pneumonia
Kimberley Wattchow, supervised by Dr Kathryn Daveson & Dean, ANU Medical School, Prof Imogen Mitchell
ANU medicine
Why do women get admitted to intensive care in the antenatal and postnatal period? A retrospective audit
Catriona Duffy, supervised by Dr Simon Robertson
ANU medicine
What are the barriers to mobilising ICU patients in a low-sedation highmobilisation unit?
Chris Brock, supervised by Dr Bernie Bissett & Dean, ANU Medical School, Prof Imogen Mitchell
ANU medicine
6:48 pm
Lauren Turner, supervised by Dean, ANU Medical School, Prof Imogen Mitchell,
ANU medicine
Responding to Suspected Ebola: A Qualitative Analysis of the Organisational Experience
Rosny Kasim
UC Nursing
2018 Cusack Family Critical Care Symposium & Student Prize
Presentation of Awards (Staff & Cusack Family Student Prize)
Dean, ANU Medical School, Prof Imogen Mitchell
ANU Medicine
7:40 pm
Keynote Presentation
Dr Simon Robertson
Canberra Hospital ICU
Train wreck or Cinderella Story? When critical care research doesn’t go to plan
Karlee Johnson & James Heffernan
Pharmacy & Medicine
Panel Discussion: How on earth do you make research happen when you’re a clinician?
Prof Imogen Mitchell, Dean, ANU Medical School, Karlee Johnston, Pharmacy ACT Health, Dr Sumeet Rai, PhD Candidate Canberra Hospital ICU, Anneke Rebel, PhD candidate Physiotherapist ACT Health New Graduate, Chris Brock, Honours 2017 ANU medical student (3rd year), Dr Eamon Merrick, UC Assistant Professor, Nursing
Conclusion & Message from ACT Critical Care Society
Dr Bernie Bissett & Ninya Maubach

Tickets are limited to 100 spaces.

Note: This event is open only to students of health disciplines and health professionals.

ANU Auditorium, The Canberra Hospital, Building 4, Woden, Canberra, ACT


We are again thrilled to receive generous sponsorship from Brodburger, who are kindly helping to supply our food at 7pm.

Special Dietary Requirements: If you have dietary requirements, after registering please send an email to explaining your needs.

We can't wait to see you on Thursday, 13 September!


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