ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Program

The ANU COVID-19 Peer Support Program was set up in May 2021 to offer clinical support to health professionals in India during the peak of the Delta wave. The program expanded to provide education through a 24-part webinar series, not just to India but to other countries especially in Asia and Asia Pacific. The webinars brought together speakers and panelists, from Australia and India predominantly, but also from NZ, Singapore, Fiji etc to cover a range of COVID-related topics.  

A number of partnerships and research collaborations were developed as part of the program.  

The volunteer network grew to include 220+ medical students and health professionals with diverse clinical backgrounds. The progress and reach of the program was predominantly driven by the work of volunteers. 

Overall, the program created networks of 2300+ health professionals. Our resources have been accessed by an expanding global audience with 12,000 website views from 38 countries. 

Please click here to access recordings of the complete COVID-19 webinar series. 

This initiative was led by A/Prof Dipti Talaulikar and supported by a team of volunteers from across Australia and beyond. 

Please contact us on if you need COVID-related clinical, educational, or research support.