Past events

9am–4pm 27 August 2016
At ANU Open Day, you'll see, hear and discover how you can become a doctor by studying medicine at the Medical School at ANU....
5.15–6.15pm 10 August 2016
Professor Frank Bowden ANU Medical School, is an infectious diseases physician at the Canberra Hospital, and author of the newly released book: Infectious - a doctor's eye-...
5.30–7.30pm 2 August 2016
Aboriginal citizens make up 30 per cent of the Northern Territory’s population but in its largest prison, over 80 per cent of the inmates are Indigenous. The inmates are...
5–7.30pm 29 July 2016
The annual Colleges of Science Prizes, Awards & Scholarships Presentation will be held on 29 July, 2016.
9–10.30am 26 May 2016
As part of National Sorry Day, ANU Medical School Rural Students' Society will be sending a group of its members to take part in the Sorry Day Bridge Walk across Commonwealth...
9am 9 April – 5pm 10 April 2016
The ANU Rural Medical Society is proud to present the 2016 Close the Gap conference. This year promises to be a captivating exploration into Indigenous health, with a huge range...
6–11pm 18 December 2015
Annual Medical School Ball celebrating the Graduation of the ANU Medical School Class of 2015. Don’t miss out, you might just see a shooting star.
2–4pm 16 December 2015
The ceremony runs for approximately two hours and is followed by a reception. Please see the main ANU website for further information.
6–9pm 26 November 2015
The 2015 Twilight Festival will be held on the 26th of November. Please check the ANU website closer to the date for more information.
12–1pm 15 October 2015
Research has shown that both men and women hold unconscious bias against women working in roles which are stereotypically ‘male’, and vice versa. The problem is that...
6–8.30pm 14 October 2015
ANU student led learning communites in their final event for this year will be looking at the medical, social and political dimensions of the health problems that arise due to...
10am–4pm 29 August 2015
The next ANU Open day is on 29 August 2015. 
9am 11 August – 4pm 14 August 2015
Registrations are now open via ACT Health. The Canberra Health Annual Research Meeting (CHARM) will be held in the Canberra Hospital Auditorium from Tuesday, August 11th to...
7.30pm 30 April – 7.30pm 2 May 2015
The ANU Medical Revue, performed live over three nights, has become a favourite event in the ANU Medical School calendar, celebrating its ninth year in 2015.  Breaking from...
10am–3pm 21 March 2015
The ANU Rural Medical Society's Close the Gap Conference brings together health students, health professionals and community members from across the ACT and NSW to hear from...
4–5pm 24 February 2015
Antibiotic resistance is rapidly rising internationally. Many bacterial infections are now very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to treat.  Gram negative bacteria are the...
9am–5pm 9 February 2015
Start of teaching session
9am–5pm 2 February 2015
Start of teaching session
9am–5pm 2 February 2015
Commencement of teaching session
9am 2 February – 5pm 6 February 2015
Medical School Year 1 Orientation Week Acton Campus


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